Where it all starts

Our primary goal is to lead people to a connection to Almighty God. We are dedicated to helping everyone learn about Jesus and discover what it means to truly worship God. Many of us have questions and doubts but God is so awesome that He lets us come to Him just as we are. He doesn’t ask that we change everything or instantly become a better person, just that we trust in Him. Once we truly trust the Lord, there are no limits to what He can do in our lives, our families or our community.


God's love manifested

At One Hope Church we are committed to helping people grow personally so that they can reach their full potential and purpose. Along with personal growth, we want to help everyone come together as a community by developing friendships and mentorships within the church. Through this process of discipleship and fellowship we can be a part of a community of growing individuals that are helping each other grow and reach higher heights than ever before.


Faith in action

As we grow we discover our individual talents and spiritual gifts. Everyone has a talent, skill or passion that God wants to use. As we grow we are called upon by God to use our now developed skills in the service of His kingdom. We use what He’s given us to then reach out to others and help them to trust in Him as well.


We Believe...

We believe that Christ is our One Hope for salvation. (Acts 4:12) We believe that God’s salvation is for everyone. (Romans 3:23, 2 Peter 3:9) We believe that we are commissioned to share God’s love with the world. (Matthew 28:19) We believe that our spiritual convictions should be backed up by physical commitments. (James 2:14-17, Matthew 25:31-46) We believe that everyone has greatness inside of them and that God has a plan for all of us. (Psalms 139:13-14, Jeremiah 29:11) We believe that everyone has a purpose and a place in God’s Kingdom. (2nd Corinthians 12:12-19) We believe in the miraculous works of God and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (2nd Corinthians 12:4-11)

Supporting missionaries and the global spreading of the Gospel are at the heart of God’s work on Earth. Here is a list of some of the missionaries and programs that we support here at One Hope Church. Just contact our Local Missions Representative for more information.

Pearls and Praise is a monthly women’s conference lead by Sister Denice Napoleon. The heart of the ministry is to help hurting women find faith, confidence, strength and joy in Jesus! Each conference consists of dynamic speakers, real fellowship and prayer for anyone that needs it. And this all happens in a comfortable and safe environment. And it’s just for the ladies! The conference takes place on the second Saturday of every month. It starts at 11:00 am and lasts until roughly 1:00 pm. For more information, please contact Sister Denice Napoleon.

We truly believe that children are our future. The sooner we can teach them about the Love of God, the better. Even at a young age, we can teach our kids to honor God and follow His teachings. We have a dynamic environment where the children can learn about the Lord and have fun as well.

Here is where we can share some of our needs.

Currently we have some open opportunities for ministry.
We are looking for people that are devoted to God and interested in prayerfully partnering with us in ministry and joining our team. Our current most pressing needs are in the following areas:

  1. Music Ministry – We need singers, musicians and technicians to join our team and minister for the Lord through worship.
  2. Youth Ministry – We currently need a youth pastor and volunteers for the youth ministries.
  3. Media Team – We need some interweb and media savvy volunteers to help create and produce meaningful content and maintain social media accounts and the website.
  4. Outreach Team – We are building a great team to help the hurting and spread the gospel. We need people to help serve at community events and assist with promotion and witnessing.


A heart for the city

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